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We only use the finest materials possible – for us, this doesn’t just mean using the purest gold, diamonds and pearls we can find, but also insisting on only using materials that meet our meticulous ethical standards. We’re setting new industry standards for responsible sourcing.
All of our white diamonds are graded VS or above for clarity, and Colorless (D to G) color. Each product page contains detailed information about its specific cut and carat. All of our pearls are freshwater AAA graded pearls.
All our pieces are handmade by master craftspeople right here in Houston, Texas. Not only does this help us to keep prices affordable by avoiding costly import taxes, it also means we can catch up in person with our makers, keep an eye on your order and work closely to produce the most beautiful pieces possible.
Pure gold (24-karat) is much too soft to wear as jewelry, so other metals are added to pure gold to enhance its durability. It’s about striking the perfect balance between the warmth and purity of gold and adding just enough alloy to ensure the jewelry’s longevity, or to give it a particular hue like white or rose gold. We use 18k gold for our jewelry which is made of 75 percent pure gold and 25 percent of alloys.
  1. Mix a few drops of detergent-free soap with warm water.
  2. One piece at a time, soak your jewelry.
  3. Use a very soft brush to lightly clean each piece.
  4. Rinse with care.
  5. Lightly dry the jewelry with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
Yes, we offer resizing for selected items. Please contact info@sheidafarrokhi.com.
Our brilliant bracelets are one length, but feature an extra jump ring to give you the option of wearing it long (7 inches) and short (6 inches).
Our versatile necklaces are designed to be worn at various lengths, thanks to the adjustable design. Wear at full-length (17.5 inches), or clasp it at the extra jump ring to wear it shorter (at 15.5 inches).
We list measurements, and have a size guide for each piece in the product description, but please contact info@sheidafarrokhi.com for any additional sizing inquiries.
Of course! Just follow the instructions at checkout.